The Hoosier Without Hobbies

Hello, future readers!


My name is Emily Johnson. I am an Indiana girl who grew up tall and grew up right, without a particular hobby in sight. I am married to my incredible husband, Dylan. Together, we own a small house in Southern Indiana that we share with two cats (Squeaks & Milo) , one rabbit (Eve), and a fish (Miso). We spend most of our time embracing the soil and venturing out to discover new, old, and overlooked areas in Indiana. Although I would say I’m an adventurous spirit, I am not a woman who has the time, energy, or motivation to show you how to spend a day sewing your own drapes or baking your own bread. Instead, I’m going to serve up the rural route to simple living: Indiana style.



Yes, Ma’am/Sir. This blog will have weekly posts of activities,  reviews, and recipes to bring you closer to your Indiana family and community. By embracing the simplicity of the past and the resources of the future, I hope to bring you the pleasantries of rural living without all the fuss.

Have you ever wondered what makes the perfect tenderloin? How to turn blueberries blue? Which fair has the best fair food? Do you have a problem figuring out what to do about all of the barn cats in your yard? Do you want farm fresh eggs but don’t know where to get started? Are you interested in knowing where to go for the best thrift finds? How to entertain a small group for a bonfire or an Indiana basketball game night?


Welcome Home

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